Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I get a TelcoNOW Virtual PhoneCard?
Simply by registering at A Virtual PhoneCard Number will be assigned to you after completing the registration process. Use this number to log in to your TelcoNOW account. Also, other TelcoNOW network users can use this number to call you.

What services do offer? provides customers with a VoIP solution on a prepaid basis. This VoIP solution includes easy to use VoIP software and VoIP connectivity which allows you to make phone calls and manage your account in order to have an overview of your remaining credit at all times.

Why choose
With you can enjoy the lowest rates possible, while requiring minimal technical equipment and skills. You can start making phone calls without incurring additional startup costs.

Is the TelcoNOW website safe?
Yes. We utilize up to date security encryption programs to protect your Internet transactions. Even while you're just logged on to the website, your connection is still being protected by a 128bit encryption.

How do I buy credit for my TelcoNOW account?
Purchase desired credit amount using any available payment method.

Do I need to buy credit when I register?
No, you do not have to buy credit immediately after or during the registration. You can purchase credit at your convenience.

How is usage calculated?
Usage is calculated in one-second increments. Your account balance is recorded in US currency and usage charges are based on the proper per minute rate to the destination country.

Are there any hidden fees for using my account?
No, you pay only for phone calls that are carried out. There are no setup or monthly fees.

Is my TelcoNOW credit balance transferable?
Yes, you can transfer your credit to any other TelcoNOW account.

Technical Questions

How does VoIP work?
Even though the technology behind VoIP is very complicated, all you need to know about using our services is that your phone calls are routed through an Internet network rather than through standard lines. Your voice is recorded and coded by your computer and sent through the Internet to the called party's computer, standard phone or cell phone.

What do I need to use
To use our services with our FREE software, you need a computer with Windows operating system connected to the Internet and equipped with speakers and a microphone (or a head set). If you prefer to use TelcoNOW VoIP services with an alternative device, please check with the manufacturer for system requirements.

How much do I pay for calls within network?
Phone calls to other users are free of charge.

Can anybody else outside network call me?
At this time no. TelcoNOW offers only outgoing phone calls.

Will I be able to make emergency calls? services are not intended to support or carry emergency calls to any type of hospital, law enforcement agency, medical care unit or any other kind of emergency service.